Ghost Encounters Ghost Crime Tours

  • Min Age 13

  • Prices From $35.00

Ghost Encounters Ghost Crime Tours

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  • Min Age 13

  • Prices From $35.00


Kapunda isn’t only rich in history and fascinating heritage. It is home to a burgeoning pastoral industry and is a great contributor to Australia’s wine industry.

But behind the alluring structures of the once booming mining center, it gained the title, “The Most Haunted Town in Australia”.

Over the years, locals and tourists gave various reports of ghosts sightings in the infamous North Kapunda Hotel. Some reports include a ghost of a woman and a little child walking around the hotel’s second floor; and a disembodied voice and spirits shouting and shoving guests in the corridors.

Aside from the hotel, we will visit Kapunda Court, where criminals receive their fate; then we’ll take you to a very informative tour down main street as you listen to the tales and details of the crimes in the early 1800s, way back when Kapunda was still a bustling mining town and which was nearly the capital of South Australia.

Get to know Sidney Kidman and his contributions to South Australia’s people, to the government and its heritage. Discover his legacy and know why Australians call him the “Cattle King”.

Book a Kapunda Ghost Crime Tour today and discover more of Kapunda's haunted past!


Are you ready to get locked-in overnight in Australia’s most haunted hotel?

The North Kapunda Hotel is home to countless murders and hauntings. Brace yourselves and get ready to be locked-in overnight and investigate the famous “Hallway to Hell”. Experience using a few paranormal investigation gadgets like EMF detectors (Electromagnetic Field) and voice recorders to tape EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Few have dared to investigate this hallway, so grab this opportunity now.

Investigate the hotel’s basement, and by 1 am, sit on the corner where dead bodies were stored back in the day! Stand meters away with an EMF meter and see if you can detect the spirit of Dr. Blood, whom is said to have returned to the hotel after his passing.

Investigate the nursery, home of the spirit of “Sarah”, the daughter of a prostitute who was murdered and adopted by the brothel’s Madam.

Wander around the upper corridors and see if you can take a snap of Hue, the unfortunate miner whose leg was amputated in Room 14 and died of massive blood loss and shock.

Ready to face your fears? Book a North Kapunda Hotel Paranormal Lock-in now!

Paranormal groups with their own equipment are more then welcome to book.

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  • Min age is 13
  • Packages start from $35.00


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