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Wakeboarding is proving to be one of the most popular extreme sports around combining technique, agility and style with speed and fitness. The development of Wakeboarding has been influenced by a mixture of surfing, waterskiing and is very similar to snowboarding, both activities incorporate the same body position and motion, the only differences are the shape of the skis, the bindings and the surface.


  • Parking
  • All Equipment
  • Full Training
  • Refreshments Nearby

General Location

Full maps and directions are provided on completion of booking.

Venue Ref: 7671-16




Prices at this location are in GBP

Wakeboarding Experience - GBP 59.99pp

Currently Available

  • Min. Group: 1
  • Max. Group: 10

Whether your goal is to learn wakeboarding, jump the wake, land your first invertor learn to do a raley. The dedicated coaches are here to help you overcome your barriers, achieve the next step or trick and ensure that you have lots of fun riding.