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Rock Climbing around the UK

UK climbing spots come in all shapes and sizes, catering to every style of rock climbing from sport and trad climbing to bouldering and deep water soloing with the British Isles packed with different mountains and cliffs to keep you constantly inspired and pushing your climbing limits. With all this choice on offer, it can be hard to pick where to… Read More Rock Climbing around the UK

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Scuba Dive Tasters in the UK

Everyone has different motivations for taking up scuba diving. Some people are just interested in breathing underwater, while others might be looking for new ways to challenge themselves and overcome fears. No matter what the reason is, we’re sure you have lots of questions before embarking on an underwater adventure… How long will my taster… Read More Scuba Dive Tasters in the UK

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What is Paintball and where can you try it?

Paintball is an adventure sport where players strategically attempt to eliminate their opponents by firing small paint pellets at them… Simple? Well that’s the idea of the game, but how do you play paintball? What should you wear for paintball? Where can you play paintball? Does paintball hurt? Here’s all your questions answered… Can just two… Read More What is Paintball and where can you try it?

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Top Tips for a Successful Segway Experience

Looking for green and efficient urban transportation? Hoping for a teen travel activity that won’t have your kids rolling their eyes? Perhaps you just want a fun and unusual alternative to the typical walking tour. For many, the answer lies in exploring the Segway experience. They certainly look simple enough when you see others floating… Read More Top Tips for a Successful Segway Experience