5 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Experiences You Need To Try!

Darker nights, eerie autumn weather, blood-curdling costumes in every shop.. it must be spooky season! Forget stuffing your face with sweets though, there are some truly terrifying ways to celebrate Halloween this year, and if you really want to find out how brave you are these are the experiences you need to try..

York Ghost Walk

Britain is home to some of the world’s spookiest cities, but if you really want to scare yourself silly there’s only one place to be, Europe’s most haunted city and home of the original ghost walk, York.

York’s legendary ghost tours snake through the by both day an night, but it’s under the cover of darkness that this ancient city really comes to life. With terrifying tales of murder, mystery, ghosts and ghouls, every step of these on these eerie excursions is guaranteed to give you the chills.

Zombie Survival Experience

If there’s a better way to celebrate Halloween than by battling zombies then we don’t want to hear about it, because if you ask us waging war with the undead army on the spookiest night of the year is impossible to beat!

Taking place at abandoned asylums, derelict schools and former factories, these incredibly immersive experiences give you an ultra-realistic taste of the zombie apocalypse – and we guarantee you’ll love every second. If you thought The Walking Dead was scary, get ready for the fright of your life!

Alton Towers Scarefest

The gates of some of the country’s most famous theme parks creek open on Halloween, but are you brave enough to step inside?

Combining frights and thrills in equal measure, these one-night-only fright fests are tailor-made to push your bravery to breaking point – and trust us they don’t disappoint! If you still need some convincing though a trip to Alton Towers annual Scarefest should soon sort that. As well as being able to embark on your favourite late night thrill rides, you’ll also find some seriously scary attractions to explore including the award winning ‘Tower of the Terrors: What Lies Within’ maze.

Haunted London Pubs Tour

It turns out ghosts love a trip to the pub just as much as we do, and when you think of some of the infamous characters to have passed through the doors it’s hardly surprising so many of London’s pubs are a hotbed of paranormal activity.

With punters encountering unexplained phenomena such as footsteps and frosty chills, these terrifying tours are the real deal and as you work your way through the city you’ll stop off at some of the capital’s most infamous ale houses. From Jack The Ripper’s regular, The Ten Bells, to Dick Turpin’s favourite drinking spot The Spaniards Inn, this is as far from your traditional pub crawl as it gets!

Halloween Themed Escape Rooms

As if being locked in a room with just 60 minutes to escape wasn’t scary enough, some of the countries most impossible escape rooms now have a terrifying twist!

That’s right, these mind-bending mystery rooms are embracing all things Halloween and once the door slams shut you never know what might be lurking inside! From characters from classic horror films, to hordes of the living dead, anything is possible and every second counts in your bid to escape.

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