5 Christmas Party Ideas The Whole Office Will Love

🎶 Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, Sandra from accounts has started a conga line.. 🎶

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Christmas party season is here and bosses everywhere are bracing themselves for an eye-opening evening when they find out just how mad the people they employ really are.

The annual Xmas party doesn’t need to be the same old story of drunken dance offs and insane office antics though, believe it or not there’s some genuine fun to be had – especially if you swap the traditional festive knees up for something a little more adventurous..

So get ready to make sure this year’s Xmas party is the stuff of legend thanks to a few friendly suggestions from Geronigo.. 😉

Clay Pigeon Shooting

No Christmas party would be complete without a few shots, but the only thing that’s getting smashed here is the clays! That doesn’t make clay pigeon shooting any less fun though, and even if you’ve never picked up a shotgun before you’ll be hooked. Throw in a prize for top shot and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable Xmas party that’s guaranteed to hit the spot.


Go karting is a Christmas party classic and if you’re feeling festive nothing beats a friendly trip to the track. OK, who are we kidding there’s nothing friendly about competing against your colleagues for top spot on the podium. With the bragging rights and (most importantly) a bottle of bubbly on the line, finishing second really isn’t an option.

Bubble Football

This bonkers ball sport not only gives you the chance to show off your fancy footwork, it also gives you the chance to dress up as a giant bauble – and what could be more Christmassy than that! With no refs and no rules almost anything goes in a game of bubble football, and from the safety of your giant body Zorb you’re free to bump, bounce and barge into all your ‘favourite’ workmates. Need we say any more?


As much as you pretend you love your colleagues, we know the truth and that’s why paintball is one of the most popular Christmas party activities out there. What’s not to love about covering your boss in paint though? Even your quietest colleagues will be transformed into full-blown action heroes given the opportunity to unleash a year’s worth of frustration on the unsuspecting head honcho.

Combat Archery

If you’re still not up on the combat archery craze you’re seriously missing out, but Christmas is the perfect time to put that right. These giant bow and arrow fights are an insane amount of fun and no matter how mature you think you are, within about 30 seconds you’ll be charging round like Rambo. Most Christmas parties end with a scrap anyway, so why not have some fun at the same time.

We told you your classic Christmas party could be fun – even without drinking your bodyweight in booze! So why not plan your perfect Christmas party today by visiting

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