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The Geronigo Early Bird Offer Has Landed!

Forget ghosts, forget ghouls and forget zombies, we’ve just discovered something truly terrifying. Something much scarier than Halloween and something so scary that just reading it will fill your heart with fear..


I know, I know, we’re not sure how this has happened either, but trust us if we stick together there’s no need to panic. Yes, the early birds are already flocking to the shops in search of bargains, but no all hope isn’t lost. Thanks to our awesome early bird voucher offer there’s still time to get your hands on a cracking deal, and best of all you won’t even have to leave the house!

For a short time only we’ll be offering 10% off all activity vouchers and throwing in free delivery too! That’s 10% off skydiving experiences, 10% off paintball battles, 10% off everything! So if you’re searching for the perfect present for the adrenaline addict in your life, we guarantee you’ll find it right here at Geronigo.

Now normally there’s only one way to get your hands on our exclusive promo codes and that’s by signing up to our newsletter, but somehow we’ve managed to sweet talk those illusive code keepers and get you early access to this year’s hottest deal. So here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for, to receive 10% off any voucher purchased + free delivery, simply enter promo code EBGO1017 at checkout and your discount will be applied automatically. Check out our range of vouchers at geronigo.com/en/vouchers

Who knew taking care of Christmas could be so simple.. eight weeks is ages anyway, we told you there was no need to panic.. 😉

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