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Geronigo Welcomes Our New Keynsham Venue

There’s already a whole host of amazing venues on board with us here at Geronigo. But, we’re proud to announce that another has just joined us! So, without further ado, it’s time to welcome Keynsham to our ever-growing network!

Our fantastic Keynsham venue is placed halfway between Bristol and Bath, meaning there’s several excellent transport links available to access the site. Whichever activity you choose to take part in, there’s plenty of Somerset countryside views for you to enjoy – so you’re guaranteed a truly memorable day when you head down to the venue. But, there’s not just the scenery for you to admire, there’s a whole host of action-packed activities for you to take part in! Read on as Geronigo tells you all that you need to know.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

An activity which offers a combination of both surfing and canoeing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, otherwise known as SUP, is completely exhilarating. Climbing on board a specially designed paddleboard, you’ll glide through the calm waters – taking full advantage of the slow river traffic. There’s no need to worry if you’ve never taken part in the activity before either, as you’ll be provided with full tuition throughout your experience.

Axe Throwing

Grabbing hold of ‘Flying Angels’ and Tomahawks, you’ll take aim at the range of targets here at our fantastic Keynsham venue. Targets are set at a variety of distances, so there’s something to challenge axe throwers who are complete newbies, as well as the seasoned pros! You’ll be scored depending on your performance, so you better perfect your aiming skills in order to reach the top of the leaderboard! Our Keynsham site even features an ‘Ultimate Throwing Sports’ package. So, if you fancy giving yourself an extra challenge, you’ll not only be throwing axes, you’ll be throwing knives, throwing cards, and even a shovel too!


When you think of Archery, you think of taking aim using a bow and arrow, right? Well, you’ll be doing exactly that at our Keynsham venue. However, there’s one big difference – you’ll be taking aim at targets in the sky instead! The perfect blend between Archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting, you’ll be equipped with a bow and plenty of foam-tipped arrows – taking aim at a plethora of moving targets! Do you have what it takes to knock each and every one of them down?

Combat Archery

Equipped with foam-tipped safety arrows and a specially designed bow, it’s time for the ultimate battle taking part in Combat Archery at our Keynsham venue. You’ll be going head to head with the enemy, so you’ll need perfect aim in order to wipe out the competition. But, that’s not all – you’ll also need to avoid being struck yourself! Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of places to take cover from the arrows being launched from every angle!

Sword Fighting

You’re going to love the Sword Fighting experience package at Keynsham, especially if you’re a fan of the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones – you’ll feel like you’re a real life Jon Snow from the very start! Taught all that you need to know from a qualified instructor, you’ll learn all the basics of Sword fighting, with more experienced swordsmen or women being offered the chance to take part in a sparring session at the end of the experience!


You really don’t want to miss out on all of the action at our Keynsham venue – as you now know, they’ve got plenty of activities for you to choose from. Plus, with full instruction and all equipment provided with each of them, you’ll have everything you need for an experience you’ll remember for years to come – whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro! Click here to find out more.

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