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Geronigo’s Etienne & Marcus Get Their Adrenaline Fix

Geronigo HQ live and breathe all things action and adventure, and we’re always after our next fix of adrenaline too! On that note, two of our office members recently got the chance to experience some truly exhilarating activities – four to be exact, at our amazing Bungee Jumping venue in Sheffield. Featuring the world’s highest indoor bungee jump, Magna Science Adventure Centre is the perfect place to achieve nothing but an extreme rush of adrenaline!

Etienne in his natural habitat

As part of our Sheffield venue’s ‘Awesome Foursome’ package, thrill seekers immerse themselves in a semi-dark environment taking part in a 250ft Zip Wire – reaching speeds of up to 30mph! But, that’s not all, they’ll then abseil from 150ft, before moving onto the totally exhilarating 160ft Powerfan, guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. On the way down, you’ll feel the true rush of gravity before you make your way back to solid ground parachute style. As if that wasn’t enough, your adrenaline pumping day out comes to a thrilling conclusion with a heart-pumping 160ft indoor bungee jump – the only one of its kind in the world!

Marcus in his more usual surroundings

Sounds pretty thrilling, right? Well, after going face to face with the Awesome Foursome himself, our esteemed colleague Etienne had the following to say about his experience:

“There is a build up as you go from pretty tame stuff (Zip Wire and Abseiling) to more hair raising, adrenaline pumping activities. Initially, you feel pretty wild getting your toes on the edge, and at the end of it all, you jump from a platform with a bungee cord tied to your ankles. I really enjoyed the powerfan. It was the fastest way down to firm ground. And about half way down, I started getting worried about not being able to hold onto my harness… Before realising I didn’t actually need to… And landing softly. It definitely played with my mind”.

That’s not all though, Etienne also praised the staff for putting his mind at ease with their excellent knowledge and friendly personalities. In Etienne’s own words: “The staff were really friendly and very conscious about safety, this helped me to relax and it made for a great experience overall”.

But, Etienne didn’t go it alone. He was also joined by another of our staff members Marcus, who had an equally exhilarating experience! As Marcus himself says:

The bungee jump was fantastic and definitely something I have wanted to tick off my bucket list for a long time, closely followed by the Power fan as it’s a very bizarre experience free falling towards to ground, before the fan starts and slows you down. I would highly recommend adding it to your day if you go to the Sheffield venue”.

Marcus seemed to be the most nervous out of our two colleagues, but he put on a brave face to face his fears! In the end, it seemed to be more than worth it. In the words of Marcus: “It was a fantastic day and filled with adrenaline, as someone that’s not great with heights it felt great to conquer my fears and the adrenaline rush afterwards felt great and something I won’t stop talking about anytime soon!”.

Marcus going for it!

Overall, both Etienne and Marcus thoroughly enjoyed their day at Sheffield, and would recommend the ‘Awesome Foursome’ to anyone looking for their next rush of adrenaline. Here’s what they had to say about their overall experience:

It was a lot of fun. If you’re after a true adrenaline rush then jump / abseil from as high as you can. It will give you more time to realise you’re falling! – Etienne

It’s something I would recommend for everyone to give a go, especially if you can handle heights, as it feels well worth it once your feet are back on firm ground! – Marcus

If you fancy taking on the Awesome Foursome experience for yourself, then you can find out more about our Sheffield Bungee Jumping venue by visiting the following link.

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