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Join The Fight Against Boring Xmas Presents #saynotosocks

This week we’re celebrating ‘Say No To Socks Week’ at Geronigo HQ and we’ve made it our mission to stamp out boring Christmas presents!

You know the ones, the ones that are so bad you deserve an Oscar nomination just for managing to force out the words thank you. Socks are usually the main culprit, but the battle against boring Christmas presents extends much further than your smelly sock draw.

We’ve unwrapped some real stinkers over the years, so when we asked the Geronigo team to share some of the most disappointing presents they’ve received, we knew they wouldn’t let us down.

Here’s the Christmas gifts nobody wants to unwrap on Xmas Day..

The Fur-less Furby

You remember Furbies, right? They were cute, cuddly, colourful – basically the perfect present for anybody lucky enough to find themselves on Santa’s nice list. Not the Furby one lucky member of the Geronigo team got their hands on though. Oh no, instead of the adorable new best friend they’d been hoping for, what they actually received was a knock-off, fur-less Furby that looked like a leftover Halloween decoration. Cute!

Sudoku Toilet Roll

We’re all for anything that helps pass the time when natures call, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the fundamental flaw with this cheeky Christmas present. Admittedly it was probably meant as a joke, but it’s safe to say it didn’t go down well with the disgruntled recipient..

“Why would you combine two such terrible* presents? The toilet roll was even harder than the sudokus!”- Ouch!

*word may have been replaced to maintain our place on Santa’s nice list.

The Half-Eaten Chocolate Orange

“It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine” – Although on closer inspection this seemingly scrumptious present might have been Terry’s after all!

That’s right, one of the guys at Geronigo was once given a half-eaten chocolate orange for Christmas. At least the peckish present-giver tried to cover their tracks though, spreading the segments equally and even resealing the foil. If only they’d put that much effort into choosing the perfect present!

Regifted Bath Bombs

We all know somebody who’s a relentless regifter, but believe it or not there’s an even worse crime.. regifting a present to the person you received it from!

Now, normally this only happens in error, but if you ask us there’s no defending these people. It genuinely happens though and the member of the Geronigo team who received the bath bombs they’d hand-picked for their darling mother-in-law is living proof of this unbelievable Christmas crime.

Can you add to our list of boring, bad and brilliantly bizarre presents? Let us know in the comments below.. and if you’re looking for something that will really knock their Christmas socks off, get your hands on a Geronigo gift voucher today!

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