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New Activities Available in Sheffield!

Action and adventure certainly isn’t in short supply here at Geronigo. Every adventure you can think of, we’ve got it. With over 80 activities at over 1770 venues throughout the UK and Ireland, the possibilities really are endless! The number of venues joining our network is ever-increasing too, meaning there’s sure to be one near you. On that note, we’re proud to announce yet another venue is now on board with us. So, say hello to Sheffield! They’ve got plenty of awesome activities on offer, which we can’t wait to tell you all about. But first, it’s time for you to find out about the venue itself.

Based within a whisker of the Peak District National Park, our Sheffield venue certainly delivers when it comes to amazing scenery. It’s less than 20 minutes away from central Sheffield too, so there’s definitely no excuse for you to not to pay a visit if you’re in search of a memorable experience! There’s so much action on offer at our Sheffield site. So, here’s what you’ve got to choose from:


There’s not just one form of Archery available at our Sheffield venue, there’s two! First up there’s traditional target archery in which you’ll be taking aim at a range of targets using a bow and arrow. It’s not easy to hit the bullseye though, so you’ll need to perfect your aim and technique! If that wasn’t enough for you and you’re in search of more of a challenge, then you’ll love the Aerial Archery experience – it’s the perfect blend between Archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting! Starting with targets on the ground, you’ll then take aim at the sky – setting your sights on knocking the foam discs down with a specially designed bow and arrow.


Equipped with an awesome Crossbow, you’ll take aim at the range of challenging targets. The Crossbows available at Sheffield are renowned for their ease of use, and combined with accurate aim, you’ll soon be hitting every target which falls into your line of sight. These powerful weapons even come with telescopic sights too. So, if you’re able to perfect your technique then you might just creep up the leaderboard!

Axe Throwing

A fun-filled activity that’s suitable for both individuals and groups alike, you’ll get the chance to grab hold of the range of tomahawks and throwing knives – taking aim at the variety of wooden targets. This one’s all about perfect technique. If you can master this medieval art, then you’ll soon be sticking the blades into the targets with ease!

Air Rifles

The fantastic Air Gun experience at Sheffield gives you the chance to get your hands on an Air Rifle or pistol. But, if you fancy a double dose of action, you could even use a combination of both of them throughout your experience! All of the action takes place under cover too, so an awesome experience is guaranteed come rain or shine!


All of the activities on offer at Sheffield provide all the equipment you need to take part and full tuition. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, an epic experience is guaranteed whichever activity you choose! If you like the sound of our Sheffield site and you’d like to find out more information, head on over to our main website now and you can find out more about the packages for each activity.

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