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New Escape Games Available to Conquer in Harrogate and Tadcaster!

Fans of escape games, listen up – we don’t just have one new venue for you, we’ve got two! So, without delaying any further, Geronigo HQ are happy to announce that the truly exhilarating ‘Cryptic Chase’ is now available at our Harrogate and Tadcaster venues. Read on as Geronigo tells you all about it!

Should you choose to take part in Cryptic Chase at Harrogate, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful grounds of Ripley Castle, which makes the venue perfect for an outdoor adventure whilst your team-working skills are put to the test! The same goes for Tadcaster too, where you can enjoy a multitude of amazing views on the grounds of the magnificent Hazlewood Castle as you work your way across the course.

Throughout your session, you’ll get the chance to explore a specially designed outdoor course that was designed by highly experienced orienteers. Using a map, you’ll make your way to several marked points, where you’ll find a plethora of puzzles, cryptic clues, and more waiting for you to solve!

Don’t worry if you’ve never taken part in an escape game before, it’s suitable for everyone, even complete beginners! For that reason, you’re guaranteed a memorable day out if you choose one of our amazing venues for your stag/hen party or team-building corporate event. All you need is to prepare yourself for some brain-busting puzzles and to work well in your team in order to solve the puzzles and beat the clock!

So, if you’re up for a challenge, then taking part in Cryptic Chase at either Harrogate or Tadcaster couldn’t be more perfect!

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