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Paintball – Why we love it..

Combining mess and mayhem in equal measure, paintball is the undisputed king of combat sports, and if you’ve always dreamt of living a day in the life of an action hero it doesn’t get any better than this!

With games taking place at tailor-made arenas across the country these epic battles give you the perfect opportunity to push your combat skills to the limit, but most importantly have some fun.. and you’re never too old to enjoy peppering your mates with paintballs! So forget first sitting at home playing consoles, nothing comes close to the rush of kitting up and bringing the action to life at your local paintball park.

Paintball’s not just for us ‘grown ups’ either, both kids and big kids can battle it out as one, and thanks to custom-created low impact paintball games children as young as 8-years-old can now experience the fun of this crazy combat sport. Just don’t be surprised if they put you through your paces and show you how it’s really done!

To end the day on the winning team your first priority should always be survival, but to make the playing paintball even more exciting you’ll also find a whole host of tailor-made missions to sink your teeth into too. So when you’re not competing in classics like “Capture The Flag” and “Last Man Standing”, you’ll be fighting it out to complete exciting scenario led games such as hostage rescues. With missions inspired by everything from Hollywood blockbusters and famous battles too, the action’s immersive, intense and even more exciting than you can imagine.


Not even the weather can spoil the fun of paintball either, because as well as being home to more than 120 awesome outdoor arenas the UK is

also home to some of the world’s best indoor arenas, including decommissioned nuclear bunkers and abandoned air bases. Every arena offers its own selection of one-of-a-kind game zones too, meaning you’ll get to fight for control of castles and forts and take cover behind former fighter jets and burnt out tanks.The only hard part is deciding which venue to visit first!

To find out for yourself why paintball’s the world’s most popular combat sport head over to

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