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Bungee Jumping – Are You Brave Enough?

In search of the ultimate adrenaline rush? Nothing comes close to the rush of braving a bungee jump, and trust us you’ll never forget the thrill of taking the plunge from 150ft in the air!

You don’t even need to be an adrenaline addict to love bungee jumping, this awesome activity is perfect for anybody that’s looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to add to their bucket list. There’s a whole host of jumps to choose from too, from bridge jumps to crane jumps, and even indoor bungee jumps, there’s something for even the biggest thrill seekers.

That’s not all though, you can also choose between tandem and reverse bungee jumps, which give you the chance to take the plunge with a friend or family member, or be launched by bungee cord from the ground up! Whichever experience you choose though, we guarantee you’ll be hooked and after touching back down on the safety of solid ground you’ll be desperate to do it all over again.

Another awesome thing about bungee jumping is that almost anybody can give it a go, including budding bungee jumpers aged 14+. So why not try this awesome activity as a family? It’s a great way to celebrate too, especially if you’re looking to mark a milestone birthday, Valentines Day or maybe even a wedding. Thousands of stags and hens brave a bungee jump before their big day, and if you ask us there’s no better way to start married life in style!

The cherry on the cake? The incredible bird’s eye views you’ll get to appreciate before hurtling towards the ground head first! What’s not to love about bungee jumping?

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