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Three exciting new activities in Falmer

A New Year means new activities, and our spectacular venue in Falmer has 3 new experiences for you to take advantage of. All displaying an extremely competitive edge, these sports are guaranteed to provide you and your group with a day out to remember!

First off, we introduce the ancient art of Archery! This extremely fun yet super competitive social sport will see you try to hone your deadeye shooting skills as you take down the selection of targets that sit on display at our beautiful shooting range. This activity comes with full expert tuition, so you’ll be able to show off those Robin Hood archery skills in no time!

Next up is the unique activity of Axe Throwing! This completely different target-based activity is designed to provide you and your group with a huge amount of fun as you launch 12-inch ninja axes and 18-inch tomahawks at the 3 scoring zones that exist on our throwing range! Competing against one another in this medieval activity, you’ll have to follow the instructors expert guidance if you’re to secure the bragging rights that are at stake.

The final activity to be added to our Falmer venue is Air Rifles. Bound to provide you with even more healthy competition, you’ll shoot at a selection of targets between 15 and 40 metres on our shooting range. Equipped with telescopic sights, you’ll be using some of the latest Air Rifles to knock down the steel and paper targets – we’ll also keep track of the scores for you, so you can compete against your mates to prove who’s the best sniper in the group!

Not resting on its success, we just know that our Falmer venue is going to be, yet again, one of our most popular activity centres amongst adventure-seekers this year!

Want to book yourself in on the action? Just click on your desired activity of either Archery, Axe Throwing or Air Rifles to find out more.

Just look below to see some of the terrific feedback that this venue had in 2017!

Paul Byrne 22/10/2017 – “Jon our instructor at the falmer venue was outstanding. i worked for many years as a lecturer in fe and speaking as an ex-professional teacher, would rate his teaching and communication skills as outstanding. the whole experience was good fun from start to finish.”

Paul Eager 07/10/2017 – “Very professional staff, excellent location and facilities. Highly recommended.”

Omar Deghayes 25/08/2017 – “really great…people there were just outstanding in every sense me and my son and nieces really enjoyed it…the place and the surrounding were so beautiful”

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