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Christmas Birthday Blues

Christmas is so big and important that if you’re unfortunate enough to have been someone’s Christmas present many years ago, your birthday can get swamped or even forgotten amidst the festive celebrations.

Make Sure Your Birthday Is Remembered

When the main characters at Christmas, namely the guy in the red suit and the babe in the cradle, loom large in people’s minds, little ‘ol you could seem insignificant. You need to grab some of the limelight, so family and friends remember your birthday every year without any difficulty. When they think of the festive season, they’ll remember some of the crazy stuff you got up to with them.

‘Remember that time when we spent your birthday (Christmas Day) riding horses in the Lake District? How cool was that?”

‘What a crazy 18th you had last year (Boxing Day) when we shot the hell out of Santa at that incredible paintball site.’

‘I’ll never forget your birthday (Christmas Eve) after this year. Getting locked-up with the besties in that escape room.’

‘It’s official, no one I know has such a crazy birthday each year (New Year’s Eve) as you do. I thought we’d done everything, but being on a survival experience out in the middle of nowhere was surreal.’

The people that gave their friends and family these activity experiences, were very smart as they made sure that their birthday is bigger than the main events in their minds, just by making their far more memorable. Take charge of your Christmas holiday birthday and make a big impression on your family and friend’s memory. Then each year, go bigger and better with your adventures until people look forward to your birthday more than Christmas or New Year celebrations.

You Keep Company with Some of the Rich and Famous

Many of the planet’s most famous people were born on December 25. We reckon it’s highly unlikely that they ever allowed/allow their Christmas birthday to be overshadowed by a little thing called Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. So, jump on the Geronigo® website and see the 100s of activity adventures you can do.

Isaac Newton (1642) Sir Isaac Newton – changed the world and became a huge influence on science. 

Humphrey Bogart (1899) – a cultural icon, Bogie was a one-off, who brought us all-time classic movies such as Casablanca, The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon.

Lew Grade (1906) – An impresario, media boss, and talent agent.

Princess Alexandra (1936) – the Hon Lady Ogilvy, she married Sir Angus in 1963 and was his wife until his death in 2004.

Kenny Everett (1944) – a comedian who was said to be a mixture of Spike Milligan and, well, lots of other hyperactive eccentrics.

Annie Lennox (1954) – singer and extraordinary lady, the Aberdonian conquered the music world, thanks to her unusual style and a singing voice few can equal.

Make your Birthday the One They Remember

Remember, you have to make sure that your birthday is memorable, very memorable, and we don’t mean buy a big cake – well, the cake will go down well, but the festive season is swamped with food and goodies, so you’ll need to go one better. Every year, you must get your family and friends involved in an adventure activity. To help you, we suggest that you download the Geronigo® App right now so you’ll have every adventure in the UK and Ireland right there on your phone. 


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