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 Gifts for Tricky People on your Gift List

Certain people always fall into this category, and some dip in and out depending on their age and/or their stage in life. But they give you an annual headache on birthdays and Christmas.  

Tweens and Teens

Not quite a child and not quite a teen, the tweens are the 9 to 12-year age group who are your first challenge. They want to be treated like a teenager, but they’re not quite there. Attempts to ape their older teen siblings means that they may object to childish toys. So, you’re better playing safe than risking a long face and even tears because you are treating them like a baby. 

Quad Biking

Then there are the Teens; the 13 to 18year olds, who like the tweens, want to be treated older than they are. Well, they usually know everything once they get to the giddy age of 13 years, don’t they, and they’ve certainly grown out of kiddie’s toys? As they move through the teen years, they are looking for ways to prove just how grown up and adult they are. So, any sign of treating them like a kid is jumped on, and big reactions follow. Don’t risk the tantrums and hysterics, look here for better gift options for Tweens and Teens.


A challenging age for gift giving because an inbetweener is actually a school kid, but they insist on being treated like an adult. Give one of these kids a toy for their birthday or Christmas, and you’ll suffer from a withering look that you may never recover from. They are the older teens and fall into the approximate age group of 15years to adult and demand respect and consideration for their ideas and aspirations. Like all teens or teenagers, gifts are potential red flags that signal to your inbetweener that you are treating them with respect as a young adult, or like a kid. Click right here and get it right, unless you like withering looks.

Girly Gifts & Fun Boys Presents

Most girls from a young age like girly gifts, but if you want the young girls in your life to grow into strong, independent young women, you need to balance these gifts with some fun stuff and more challenging options. If the girl you’re buying for has shown no inclination to be a girly girl, then don’t waste your money on the girly gifts at all. Go for fun and adventure.

Boys are easier to buy for when it comes to fun toys. Despite many enlightened people trying to move away from the traditional boy’s and girl’s toys, toy shops are yet to catch up. Walk into most toy stores and a sea of pink and princess toys are on one side, and, in stark contrast, exciting adventure toys are packaged in blue for the boys well away from the pink. And, while you still buy into it, it won’t change, so make a stand and buy both boys and girls the gift of adventure. Kids love to have fun and new experiences much more than any gadget or toy. Kids Activity Guide®

 Male Adult Gifts

A big group this is and one fraught with the danger of grabbing an easy option. You know what I mean, socks, aftershave, a lovely jumper, a tool for the car … and the boring list goes on and on. Most men like action, adventure, and adrenalin activities, so how did they end up getting such god-awful gifts, we wonder. Do the men in your family a favour and get them something they really want. But, be careful, check they are in good health when you hand them the Geronigo® gift box that is hiding over 100 adventures. He’s expecting socks or some such, so the shock of such a brilliant present might just be too much. Once they have recovered from the shock, they’ll probably start speculating on what they’re going to do with the action-adventure gift. An adrenalin guide is included in the box, so they can begin to dream about rally driving from Rally Nation®, paintballing from Go Ballistic®, falconry from Go Falconry®, off-road karting from Dirt Karts ®, windsurfing from Surf’s Cool®… etc. etc.

Adult Female Gifts

Do you head straight for the ‘smellies’ counter in an apartment store when you are shopping for the women in your life? Well, we understand why, because it’s a safe option. You don’t dare get her an item of clothing because you’re bound to get it wrong – wrong size, wrong colour and wrong style. But, don’t worry, we all need smellies – a bath bomb, a revitalising set of face products, a bottle of perfume, etc. But, try ringing the changes a little, because you might just be surprised that your female friends and family members may like the gift of adventure too. So, get the smellies and then add an activity experience from Wicked Pink®, and you’ll be her friend forever. That means Mum, Auntie, and Grandma too. Can you just imagine their faces when they get the chance to go hot air ballooning with Scenes Above®; or try their hand at an escape game with Escape This ; go horse riding withGeronigo®;4X4 driving withMud Mayhem®; skydiving with Jump This®; or how about a Segway adventure with Segway Trails® – the list goes on.

 Gifts for the Elderly 

Sadly, this group of people gets the worst stereotypical gifts of the lot. Just for the record, this age group often have unfulfilled items on their bucket list and would love to find an opportunity in a gift box to go on a few adventures – yes, even at their age. So, give them something to cross off that bucket list right here and step away from the plants, smellies and foot warmers – adventure is out there. 


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