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Clay Pigeon Shooting for a First Date

Be honest going to a restaurant or the cinema is a safe but very predictable first date. Do you want to really make your first date go with a ‘bang’? Why not book a session doing one of the most popular activities in the UK and Ireland – clay pigeon shooting?

No Feathered Friends Involved

One thing you may have to make clear to your date is that no live birds are involved in clay pigeon shooting. Pigeons can rest easy as they are not the intended targets, unless they are made of clay that is. Many places shoot clay rabbits too and again those little bunnies can hop along their merry way as they are not going to meet a horrible end as a result of your activity.

Why is Clay Pigeon Shooting Good For A Date?

We think that toting a gun and smashing clays out of the sky is rather sexy. Men often feel very macho and women get all ‘Annie Oakley’, ‘Bonnie Parker ‘or ‘Lara Croft’ once a double-barrelled shotgun is placed in their hands. Then there is the fact that anyone can do it as venues have different guns for different builds of shooters. Then there is the opportunity to congratulate each other as targets are smashed to dust and then there’s chat between stands about technique, near misses and the scores. You don’t have to dress-up to the nines either, just classic country wear and sturdy boots. Challenge each other to look like country folk with the green wellies and all – what fun!

Is Every Clay Shooting Experience the Same?

Definitely not. You can book many different packages depending how long you want to shoot for and how challenging you want it to be. But, in regards to types then the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, classify them under three main areas:

Trap Shooting

This is where the clay targets vary in speed and direction and shooters are around 15m away from where the targets are launched; the launcher being called a trap. Trap shooting is great for beginners and is therefore the most popular clay pigeon experience.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting involves two trap positions, which are approximately 40m apart. Shooters stand in one of seven shooting positions in a semi circle and attempt to bag the clays as they fly up in the sky. Maybe not ideal for a first date, unless there are a group of you.

English Sporting Clays

This is competitive shooting and is for the more experienced shooter as targets vary in direction and angles of projection. But, if you are not novices this is the one for you.

What Should You Bring?

Clay Pigeon Shooting packages include everything you need to take part. All you need is the right clothing for a day out in the country, sturdy shoes or boots and a sense of fun and adventure. The rest takes care of itself. You’ll find that a lot of shooting ranges have a club house and have a selection of hot food and drinks available and most offer tea, biscuits and coffee on arrival to welcome you.

Where Can You Go Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Well, that’s the easy part. Jump on the Geronigo® website, or why not download the Geronigo® App. Then you’ll always have every adventure right there in your pocket for all your future dates. There are 170 clay pigeon venues in the UK and Ireland and Geronigo® has them all listed, so what are you waiting for? Oh, maybe you have yet to find a date…can’t help with that I’m afraid.


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