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Go Karting Stag Parties

You can’t go wrong with a Go Karting event for your stag weekend. Seeing go karting stag parties arrive at a kart track – full of chat, expectations and a determination to have fun – you just know that they are determined to have a great time. Once they are kitted out in their racing overalls, helmets and gloves they are ready and raring to go. The competition starts before they are even on the track with boasts and bravado about driving skills and taking the trophy.

Go karting for the stag’s last day of freedom

One of the most exhilarating parts of a go karting race is when you are under starter’s orders. Lined up, engines roaring and your foot just itching to press the pedal to the metal and tear down the track. You look to the side and see your mate grin and you decide he is the first one you are going to take when the flag drops. Then you are off, tearing down the straight negotiating those tricky bends and trying all the time to get the best racing line on the track. You smell oil, rubber and the sheer excitement of speed as you push your go-kart to the limit and your team-mates are shouting you on to the finish line and the fall of the chequered flag. The qualifying laps finish and the semi-finals begin with the best of the best going through to the final race and the recognition of a place on the podium where only three drivers will get top places and the trophies.

Thumbs up for the stag party organiser that chooses go karting

Maybe that gives you an idea why this activity is so popular with stag party organisers and why go karting stag parties flock to both indoor and outdoor go karting tracks across the UK and Ireland every weekend and they don’t leave disappointed. It’s got everything from the thrill of anticipation, the bustle, smell and noise of a go kart track and the adrenaline overload as you drive at death defying speeds to beat your mates to the drop of the chequered flag and glory.

Indoor karting vs outdoor karting for your stag do

You need to choose your go karting track with care so it’s good to know that Geronigo┬« has every track in the UK on its App, and website if you’re old school. Now you have the Geronigo┬« App downloaded onto your phone you have all the choices and none of the hassle of searching the Internet. There are as many go-kart track configurations as there are go kart tracks so your choice will be based on your groups capabilities and whether you want to go for an indoor karting circuit or outdoor. Outdoor go karting tracks give you the real feeling of a being a racing driver, but of course they are weather dependant. Indoor go karting circuits, whilst often shorter in length, give drivers some of the trickiest challenges with sharp bends, flyovers and top speed straights that come at you quickly making your driving skills even more crucial.

A dedicated stag party event manager comes free of charge

Now you have the Geronigo┬« App it’s time to create your own personal stag party page and lock in the services of a dedicated stag party event organiser. Once you’ve done that, you can book all the other aspects of the stag weekend including all you other activities, shows, accommodation and restaurants. Next step; invite all the chosen attendees and your job is done. Participants accept the invitation sent from the App and pay their dues. You really don’t have any more to do except turn up. Your stag will be impressed and you will truly be the best, best man.

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