Men – What We Really Want For Christmas..

Just 22 days to go, how’s the Christmas shopping going? Let us guess, there’s just one person you’re stuck with.. and it’s a bloke right?

Yep, us fellas are notoriously hard to find the perfect present for, but don’t worry we’re here to help, and with our expert advice you’ll be back on the sofa scoffing Quality Streets before you know it. So forget searching the shops, here’s what we really want for Christmas..


Yes, tools. You may think they’re boring but we love them, and we don’t even know what half of them do – it’s brilliant! Anything more advanced than a screwdriver or hammer is essentially just a shed ornament, but look at how shiny they are.

Anything made of chocolate..

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate at Christmas. You can eat it at any time of the day too and nobody bats an eyelid. What? Dad’s eating a chocolate orange for breakfast again? Oh well, ’tis the season and at least he’s finally getting one of his five a day.

You can even get chocolate tools nowadays! Mmm chocolate tools.. 🤤


Deep down most blokes are just big kids, and like kids all we really want for Christmas is the latest new toys. When it comes to gadgets they don’t even need to be that expensive, in fact usually the more pointless and likely to break they are the better. As long as it keeps us busy for a few hours (between falling asleep and stuffing our faces with chocolate) it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

Anything alcoholic..

While it’s important to drink responsibly and take it easy on the chocolate liqueurs at Christmas, we all love a bit of a tipple don’t we. Even Santa enjoys the odd sherry and just look at how festive he is!

A gift experience..

What, did you honestly think we weren’t going to suggest an experience? Look, we’ve got Christmas presents to buy too and they’re not cheap! Most blokes would be made up to get their hands on an experience voucher anyway. All you have to do is show up and have an awesome time, it’s the perfect present. Plus with everything from scuba diving to supercar driving to choose from there’s something for everybody.

We hope that helps, but if you’re still short of ideas there’s only one place to be..




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