The Only Christmas Party Hangover Cure You Need This December..

Christmas parties are fun aren’t they, the drinking, the dancing, the drama.. what a night!

Do you know when they’re not fun though? 9 am the next day when you’re sat at work wishing you could crawl under your desk and die! Yes, the only down side to painting the town red with your work pals is the fact that you know full well you’re going to wake up with the mother of all festive hangovers.

You don’t have to sit at your desk and suffer though. There is a way to shake-off the shenanigans of a work Christmas party and believe it or not the best course of action is to get up and get active.

That’s right, forget the bacon butty and full English, you need to get moving. We’re not suggesting you go on a run or anything boring like that either, have some fun, get some fresh air and clear your head in style.

There are a whole host of activities that are perfect for budging your Christmas party hangover, but we’ll start with the most fun – paintball. What’s not to love about paintball? It gives you the perfect opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh air and sweat out some of the previous night’s refreshments. Best of all though, it’s really simple to play. All you have to do is avoid being hit for as long as possible, so in theory you could find a nice hiding spot and catch up on some kip!

At this point we should probably remind you that staying hydrated is pretty important too, so don’t forget the occasional glass of water.

Now, back to the activities. Next up how about learning how to survive Bear Grylls style? That fella’s survived some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, so we think he can handle a little hangover.

Like paintball, a survival skills experience will give you the chance to sink some fresh air, but most importantly you’ll learn a thing or two too. Mastering the basics of bushcraft is also great for teambuilding, so it’ll be a big hit with the boss. Consider it preparation for next year’s Christmas party, because if you ever go AWOL at least you’ll now know how to build a shelter, start a fire and find food, a boozey Bear Grylls if you will.

Not feeling the survival skills? We think our final activity might just be the biggest hit yet and you can still have that bacon butty or full English you’ve been craving! There is a down side though, if you’ve really gone to town on the festive cocktails and fizz you’ll have to sit this one out, but we promise you’ll have just as much fun watching the action unfold from the clubhouse. So who’s up for smashing some clays?

Nothing comes close to the rush of blowing clays to pieces and it’s a great way to take your mind off all the antics of the office Christmas party. Obviously safety is of paramount importance though, so if you wouldn’t feel safe getting behind the wheel of a car you definitely shouldn’t be taking part and our best advice is to give yourself a day to recover. When you’re back on form you’ll not only enjoy your experience more you’ll also stand a better chance of smashing some clays, and if you’re competing against your colleagues coming second really isn’t an option!

So get ready to kick that Christmas hangover, have some fun and really make the most of the festive season with a little help from Geronigo.

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