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What are the Most Exciting Ideas for a Stag Party?

Just getting together with mates makes any stag party activity pretty exciting, but if you want to make sure that everyone has a stonking good time, there are a few exciting stag party ideas that will be an instant hit.

Exciting Stag Party Ideas = Fun, Adrenaline Fuelled and Highly Anticipated

Getting locked up for the stag’s last day of freedomanyone?

Being locked in a room may not sound like a great stag party group idea, but make that an escape roomthen the excitement level can go right off the scale. Pitting your collective wits against the challenges and riddles before your time runs out is not only a great bonding idea for a group of mates, but it also gets the adrenaline pumping big time. Themed as prisons, dungeons, a spooky country house and all other manner of diabolical set-ups, escape games are the latest trend and for good reason; it’s damned exciting and you don’t need to be super-fit or the sharpest tool in the box to take part.

Stock car racingfor the motor head stag on his last day of freedom

Fast exciting and your chance to race some real stock cars. Called extreme or the ultimate big boy dodgems, this is in fact real motor racing. You and your mates will be strapped into high-speed saloon stock cars ready to roar round the track at incredible speeds. Live track-side commentary makes it all very real as the commentator calls out all the driver’s positions. You’ll also hear how well or how badly you are all driving which adds tot the fun and excitement. This is real motor sport with race-prepared cars and includes at least two racing qualifier heats and a championship final. Expect trophies, commentators, race marshals, pace cars, in other words a real race event with terrific atmosphere. Can a stag weekend get any more exciting?

A paintball stag hunt never fails on a stag weekend

You can’t get past paintballing for a tried, tested and never-fail activity for astag party weekend. A regular session with some great game formats is enough, but go for a paintball stag hunt and you have instantly raised the bar on the excitement scoreboard. It has everything you need for that all-important element on a stag event – stitch-up the stag. That’s right, your paintball operator will work with you to ensure the stag remembers his last day of freedom for a long time to come. Dressed in a special and very visible stag outfit, the groom will be hunted down by his mates and peppered with paintballs into submission. With stag captured and the session over, it’s time to tell all those tall stories about heroism in combat over a drink or two.

Tackle the raging rapids on a white water rafting adventure

Going for the maximum adrenaline rush? How about the heart-thumping excitement of a roller coaster ride on white water rapids. Yes, we are talking white water rafting here. Teamwork is essential and fun guaranteed as you and your mates plummet down churning rapids, fall over weirs and waterfalls and paddle furiously to stay on course as your rubber raft bucks and twists in the unrelenting force of the river. As the river rages over boulders and tears around bends in the river you and up to seven blokes in the boat have to follow instructions if you don’t want to end up in the drink. Not for softies this one and being able to swim is a pre-requisite.

Clay pigeon shootingwith varied targets

The sheer thrill of shredding clays as they are sent hurtling through the air is one to be experienced to realise that this activity is as much fun as you can have in a pair of wellies and a shooting jacket. Seriously, the first time you shoot and hit aclay pigeon smashing it to smithereens, you are hooked. Many operators up the anti with different clay targets like springing teal, driven pheasant, bolting rabbit, crossing pigeon, dropping duck, etc. Then the banter starts as you and your mates start to compete and everyone is determined to down the most clay targets. Topping it off, there is the excitement of the top gun competition, which is decided by the best clay shooter from each group having a final showdown with the winner taking the top gun trophy and bragging rights for weeks to come.

Super car experience – one of the most exciting stag party ideas.

The sheer exhilaration and excitement of driving a high performance car will have your mates queuing up to join your stag party. Cars like an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Nissan GTR and Lamborghini to classic American muscle cars such as the Chevrolet, Mustang and more beside. The thrill as the engine growls and you grip the steering wheel getting ready to take one of these iconic cars for a spin using the incredible horsepower under the bonnet. Awesome probably doesn’t cover it. Most super car experiences finish off with each of your group sitting in the hot seat while a professional driver takes you all on a nail biting ride. This leaves you with a bit of a wobble in the knee area as you exit the car, as adrenaline is likely to still be coursing around your body.

How about seeing the stag thrown off a high platform for his last day of freedom?

Are you and your mates adrenalin junkies? If so you can’t get past bungee jumping for excitement as you plunge to what seems certain death from somewhere ridiculously high up. Or you can take it up a notch further and go for the awesome foursome bungee experience, which includes three other daredevil stunts. Starting with a 250ft zip-wire where you will reach speeds of up 30mph you then abseil down 150ft of open air. If that’s not enough excitement, it’s on to the parachute jump (a bit like indoor skydiving) during which you will free fall to the ground before a fan creates an uplift that guides you safely down. Finally, it’s time to take on the world’s highest indoor bungee jump. Standing on a platform 150ft in the air, music and dry ice fill the room to really pump up the excitement as you take it in turns to launch into the air and plummet to the ground before the bungee cord catches you just before impact. Nerves of steel and an empty stomach required.

Let’s get gruesome and scary in pursuit of the ultimate stag weekend

A zombie invasion is possible, right? Nah, but you can have an exciting stag weekend pretending and if it turns out that we’re wrong, you might pick up a few tips on how to survive when it happens for real. Your zombie experience will immerse you in a live horror scenario where you can expect the unexpected. Lots of jumpy moments guaranteed as your stag group takes part in a realistic zombie invasion that can only be stopped by your group. After a zombie survival briefing your group is let loose to overpower the zombie hoard that are swarming through the city on a quest to bring you down and make you one of them. You must save the world from imminent disaster and from the scourge of the undead and return the world to a state of peace and tranquillity. One of the scariest and most realistic zombie themed experiences that include lots of frights and shooting zombie brains out. What’s not to like?

Football, but not as you know it (Jim)

You and your mates probably watch football on the box, but this suggestion for an exciting stag party ideais definitely not the beautiful game. It’s exciting and much more fun and you do kick a football around, but that’s where the likeness ends. This is bubble football and it’s the one activity that will have you all falling about laughing – literally. The bubble part is because you wear a huge bubble, actually and zorb, on your head and over your entire body, which just leaves your legs sticking out; that’s hilarious in itself.

Once you are all looking ridiculous and out on the football pitch, the whistle is blown and you try and play a sensible game of football. Well, that’ll be your first mistake, because you can’t – you’ve got a gigantic bubble wrapped around you and any attempt at normal play is thwarted by this handicap. It results in some hilarious incidents as you crash around bumping into other players and falling over as you valiantly try to score a winning goal

Talking about big zorbs, how about zorbing proper for the groom’s last hurrah?

Recommended for a morning activity before food, this stag group party idea is exciting and lots of fun, which is an important component of any great stag weekend activity. Basically two of you climb into a large ball at the top of a hill and someone pushes you down. You then roll at gathering speed until you reach the bottom and safety. If you want to experience what your clothes feel like in a washing machine, then try wet zorbing. Can there be anything more exciting that rolling down a hill of inside a giant hamster ball while water sloshes all over you and you’re both screaming with laughter. Then it’s back-up the hill to do it all over again. Zorbing is also done on water. It’s called water walking, because that’s what you do. You start walking and the zorb turns. You chase the other zorbs and play dodgems. They fall over in their zorb and you laugh. Perfect.

So, there you go you now have a few exciting stag party ideas. Next step, download the Geronigo® App and create a Stag Organiser page and you are virtually sorted. Geronigo® does all the hard work of organising a stag weekend, including offering you, the stag party organiser, more directly bookable activity options and even all the other components that make a great stag party event. Job done!

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