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What We Really Want For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa is certainly underway with packing his sleigh, but how’s your Christmas shopping going? We know the feeling. You’re stuck on that one person – you just don’t know what to get them!

But, you can put those festive worries to bed, as we here at Geronigo are here to provide you with some inspiration for what to put under the Christmas tree this year. Read on and be inspired:

Cookery Gifts

They say that life is all about balance, so why compromise in the kitchen? There are some great cookery gifts available these days, so your meals can be restaurant-standard – even if mum or dad’s cooking skills aren’t! Take this Stovetop Popcorn Popper, for example – who wouldn’t want cinema-style popcorn at home?! Or of mum or dad are more of the intergalactic kind, this Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter would really take those pizza slices out of this world!

Technology Gifts

It’s safe to say that our lives these days revolve around technology, whether we like it or not. So, a gift of the more digital kind may be suitable for your tough-buyer! If they’re always on their phone, then perhaps this Wireless Phone Charger may be the ideal present this year? If you’re willing to splash the cash (pun intended) then this Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock, which wakes you up all while making your morning cuppa from either freshly ground coffee beans or loose leaf tea, could be the perfect gift for that lazy tech-lover!

Chocolate Gifts

A crowd-pleaser, to say the least. No one dislikes chocolate, and more importantly, no one would be disappointed with a chocolate-related gift. And if they are, then you shouldn’t be giving them a present in the first place! We’re not just talking a selection box here – there are some scrumptiously satisfying chocolate gifts on the market this year. Take Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser for example, which enables you to make cafe-quality hot chocolate at home! If you’re buying for the adventurous-type, then this Smoked Chilli Chocolate Bar is the perfect gift! You’d better give them a bottle of milk with that, though.

Sports Gifts

If you’re buying for the sporty-type, then luckily, there a number of gifts and accessories to compliment their healthy passion! Take these Perfect Pushups for example, whose rotating handles minimise damage to the wrists. Or how about a GoPro Hero camera? We know, this isn’t strictly in the sports gift category, but this popular camera is frequently used by cyclists, skiers, skateboarders and all-round adrenaline junkies!

Adrenaline Gifts

Sticking with the adrenaline theme, what better gift is there than the gift of adventure and action?! Did you honestly expect we weren’t going to suggest this one? People far and wide would agree that experiences are by far the more superior present – and this is scientifically proven! Don’t believe us? Read it for yourself here. Anyway, back to the gifts. Our activity vouchers give the recipient the freedom to choose their activity and location at their convenience. From scuba diving to supercar driving, there really is an adventure for everybody!

We hope this article helped you to come to the right decision for your Christmas gift selections. If you’re still short on ideas, head over to our main website to browse our full range of adrenaline-soaked activities!

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