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When Kris Tried a Shredder…

Here at Geronigo we’re always on the lookout for a new activity, so when we saw a couple of videos online about a vehicle called a shredder, we knew that we had to grab a hold of one and see what it can do! If you’ve never heard of a shredder before, it’s basically a tank, a skateboard and an off-road vehicle all rolled into one…so, now you can understand why we were so desperate to give it a go! Fortunately for us, our good friends at Market Harborough responded to our plea and gave us the opportunity to take advantage of their epic venue.

With a huge amount of buzz surrounding the Off-Road Shredders, nearly all the office tried to get involved,  but we think the self-proclaimed daredevil Kris is the ideal person to speak to about the day.

“Whenever a new activity is discovered, I immediately want to take advantage of it! We’d been offering people the opportunity to enjoy the shredder experience for months, so when we finally had the chance to go to Market Harborough I was buzzing to give it a go! Coming all the way from Yorkshire, we had to be up quite early to make it down to Leicestershire for our 12 o’clock start, but it was certainly worth it!

Once we’d arrived at the venue we walked up to meet our instructor Rob and his team, who we’ve personally known for years. As we approached him, we could see the shredders all lined up and ready to go – but Rob insisted we had a quick brew, which was nice of him, and he even gave us an exclusive tour of the grounds – showing us the wide selection of activities that you can do at Market Harborough including 4×4 driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting and other stuff.

After we’d enjoyed a tour of the grounds, we went back to the main building where we prepared ourselves for the experience! The safety gear that we had to wear for the experience was similar to what you’d need to go skating, so we had a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Once we’d been kitted up, we headed out to the field where Rob showed us how to work the shredders!

To be fair to Rob, he made it look ridiculously easy, he was even doing wheelies! You could tell that he certainly enjoyed it so that made me even more enthusiastic about giving it ago. As I got on to the vehicle, I quickly realised it wasn’t as easy to handle as I thought. I’d compare the experience to snowboarding but whilst on a tank, which doesn’t even do the activity the justice it deserves! To steer the shredders, we were taught to shift our body weight to the direction we wanted to go in – this was tricky to get use to at first, but like all things you quickly get the hang of it and before long I was pushing the shredders to the limit and I was loving every second of it!

The shredders were a lot quicker than I’d first thought and because the course was basically an open field, you could really gather some speed! The highlight for me was being able to go over wooden bridges and, in the end, finally being able to pop a wheelie! Rob was urging us all to do it and after just a couple of attempts, I managed to smash it – much to the envy to the rest of the team that hadn’t yet cracked it! I might have only got it off the ground a little bit, but I felt awesome.

After the event, I have to admit, I was tired. The shredders really do take it out of you physically, but it’s definitely a lot of fun and I’d certainly give it another go! If you head into it giving it all you’ve got, you’re sure to have an amazing time.”

Do you think you have what it takes to tame the explosive power of the shredders? If so, why not visit one of our 7 venues scattered across the UK and Ireland? You can find the nearest one to you, here!

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