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Combat Archery Birmingham joins Geronigo!

2017 really was a break out year for Combat Archery and, by the looks of our new Combat Archery venue in Birmingham, 2018 will see this bonkers new combat sport step to a whole new level!

Taking a different route from the traditional mayhem of Combat Archery, our Birmingham venue provides you and your group with an extremely fast-paced and chaotic shoot-out as you rush around the 10,000 sq ft floor in the attempt to grab the padded spear that lays guarded in the middle of the battlefield! Grabbing the spear, you’ll then use it to touch the enemies shield that sits in their base!

Sounds simple, right? Wrong! With each player having a bow and 2 foam-tipped arrows, you’re going to have to stay alert and use the plethora of obstacles to your advantage if you’re to avoid being shot down by the enemies that aim to hunt you down!

This brilliant team-orientated game mode is designed to provide you with a barrel of laughs, and we here at Geronigo can’t wait for you to try it out!

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