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Who’s on the Naughty List?

You know who you are. But there is still time to redeem yourself and get back on the nice list. You know the rules; you know what to do; it’s not hard. Just do something for someone that you know, or even someone you don’t know, that will please them. If you’ve been very naughty, then you may have to do quite a few things to redeem yourself, so you best get cracking. 

Naughty Boyfriend

He knows you want that ring, you’ve dropped enough hints, but still, your ring finger remains bare of anything sparkly. Time to step-up naughty boyfriend and head for the jewellers. Once you’ve done the deed, you’ll need somewhere special to pop the question. We have the perfect location and it so romantic. How about floating above the world in a hot air balloon? Book the champagne flight, and you’ll zoom straight back down the naughty list. Seal it with a kiss, and you’ll hop over the nice list with gold stars. But, hey, if he is shy, how about, you pop the question. 2020 is a leap year after all. This particular experience could also work for naughty husbands too as a wonderfully romantic gesture for a long-suffering wife and mega bonus points for the nice list. Ring optional for you, but it would add to the romance. How about an eternity ring?

Naughty Girlfriend

You haven’t been nice enough at all this year. Always out and about with your girlfriends leaving your boyfriend at home feeling very neglected. Okay, so he doesn’t always like the things you and your mates want to do, and when he doesn’t like stuff, he can be a bit of a wet blanket. But, hey, he is your boyfriend, so doesn’t he deserve a bit of consideration from time to time. Not all the time, granted, but try and do something special with him …and only him, then when you get your gear on for a night out with the girls, he’ll feel less deserted. Now, don’t go picking a girly thing, do something he’ll enjoy too. So, how about a spot of clay pigeon shooting, or maybe archery? If you’re not into shooting at things, maybe try an escape game. It’s a chance for you both to share the challenge of unlocking the secrets of some exciting and stimulating games.

Naughty Kids

I know, it’s your job to be naughty sometimes. Whoever heard to perfect children that are always nice and never naughty? Well, we don’t think they exist. But if you’re on the naughty list, then you’ve been too naughty, and you maybe don’t know what nice is. So, get your thinking cap on and work out what would make your family and friends think you’re nice. It may be something simple, like making a cuppa when you can see they need one, maybe doing a few chores, or just tidying your bedroom occasionally. All good ideas and will definitely see you switch from the naughtiest list to the nicest list pretty quickly. If you really want to impress, how about the gift of adventure? There is not a member of your family and not one of your friends that would say no to an adventure. If it’s a kid brother or sister you need to nicer to, check this out The Kids Activity Guide where you’ll find hundreds of options all over the UK and Ireland. If the adults in your life need a bit of nice from you, check out Geronigo® as they have the biggest network of adventure activities in the UK and Ireland.

Naughty Friends

You call them friends, but you mistreat them. Forget to call them up and ask them out. Their birthday goes by without a card or pressie from you… or even an acknowledgement that it’s their special day. Well, Christmas is coming and their birthday comes once a year, so you can get back on track if you show them a bit more love and friendship. Don’t let any more time slip by, correct your badness now and invite them out. Doesn’t have to be a big thing. Pop-out for a drink, or a coffee, catch up on each other’s news. Then put the meeting in your diary before you leave them, or time will slide again. If you want to make them feel a part of your friendship group, organise a group outing after your first meeting.

There are loads of things you can do, and having fun together makes lasting memories and shared memories cement friendships like nothing else. Download the Geronigo® App then you’ll have every possible activity you could wish for right there on your phone. So, when you are about to finish one activity, you can jump on and arrange the next one. Much easier to arrange when everyone is together. As you can synchronise diaries.


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