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All I want for Christmas is?

So, what’s on your list? Socks? Perfume? Slippers? Home knitted scarf and gloves? Some might say that’s a sad little list, others may light up like a proverbial Christmas tree light at the very thought of a pair of socks. Everyone to their own, we say.

But, being sensible, because we know Geronigo® readers will not want socks. They’ll have pushed the boat out and asked for something more exciting. But, they’re not alone. Let’s face it, we know there is one thing that everyone wants, yes everyone – excitement. Some people can fake excitement when the fancy wrapping reveals some dull, uninspiring gift; a gift that will find its way into ‘gifts to give away’ box or the charity shop. Charity shops just love Christmas because they can restock their shelves with all those unwanted pressies in January. Most get totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff.

It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

But that means that if you get a dull and boring present, then the person that gave it to you either thought you are dull and boring or they don’t think you’re much thought at all. Yes, it’s harsh, but unwanted gifts are a real bummer. They are also bad for the environment, unless you get them down to the charity shop for someone that does like them to give them a new home. If you’re a bit of a DIY fanatic, maybe you can re-purpose that god-awful jumper as…., now let me see? Yes, I’ve got it, you could unravel it and knit a pair of socks to give someone you don’t like much next year. Otherwise millions of bits of plastic, clothing or foul-smelling cheap perfume are no more than junk and the world doesn’t need any more junk.

It’s the excitement that counts, isn’t it?

Spot on! But and there is always a pesky but, isn’t there? But – and there it is again, it’s relevant in this case. Excitement comes in different forms. There’s the’ whoo hoo’ reaction and the ‘ooh’, or ‘I don’t believe it’, or ‘how did you know?’ These can be faked for the sake of your auntie who has done her best and you don’t want to disappoint her. But, when they are genuine cries of sheer joy, they can be for a very special ‘thing’ that you’ve always wanted, or for an action activity that you’ve always wanted to do.

Excitement can fade

Yep, if you get a ‘thing’ for Christmas that you’ve always wanted – whatever that may be – psychologists say that your excitement is at its peak on getting / seeing the gift and then slowly the excitement fades as you get familiar and used to seeing or using the new and exciting ‘thing’. After two short weeks, you are so used to having it they say, that the excitement levels have almost dropped to zero. Tough really especially as it probably cost the giver an arm and a leg if it was that longed for ‘thing’. The same psychologists also say that if you get an ‘experience’ as a gift rather than a ‘thing’, the excitement lasts for a very long time, even after you’ve actually had the experience.

Experiences are the way to go, obviously

First, there is the sheer excitement of opening the smart black gift box and revealing just what amazing experience this soon to be best friend has got you. Maybe it’s a skydiving experience. It could be a driving a high-performance car, like a Ferrari. Maybe they know you like to go out with a group, so they get you a laser-quest or paintball experience for a group of 10. Or they go for the latest trends like bubble football – what a laugh! If you’re a bit of a thinker, they may go for the extremely popular experience of an escape room experience.

Now, be honest, you’ve opened the box and you’re super excited, then there’s the anticipation of actually taking part in the adventure, and of course the mega-excitement of the day itself when excitement levels are way off the scale. The experience itself comes to an end and you’ve made new friends or cemented friendships, then there are the memories / photos and the decision that all that excitement has to be repeated and possibly you’ve found a new hobby. Wow, now that’s value for money from one Christmas gift and no trips to the charity shop or topping up the ‘give these gifts away’ box. Those psychologists know a thing or two.

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