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Bogged Down with Brexit?

Brexit has become so much part of our lives, it’s hard to believe that it will ever actually happen. Whether you’re a Brexiteer or a Remainer, you’re likely to be sick to the back teeth of the whole thing. Three Prime Ministers have fallen in its wake and Scotland wants to split from the UK. It’s a mess of epic proportions and the news channels never stop reminding us of this ongoing saga. We need a break; we ALL desperately need a break from this monster of a political hot potato.

Election Fever

If Brexit is not enough of a monster, we now have a general election. Talk about overload! We’ve now got to decide which party is the one that will carry out our wishes in regards to Brexit – of course, it’s always Brexit. The blues, reds, greens, yellows or pinks etc…etc will all be telling you ‘the facts’ and you’ll have to decide who to believe. It a tough one because up to now, the most notable thing about these shenanigans is the difficulty in sorting the bull from the truth. But one thing we all know is an absolute fact – we are all tired and weary of the whole shebang.

Want to escape the madness?

Unless you plan to go into hiding and become a hermit without any communication devices whatsoever, you will not totally escape the political barrage, but you can take a few breaks. If you feeling furious about it all, why not sink a few axes into targets. You can pretend they are Brexit or the Election and you will get immense satisfaction from the ‘thunk’ as the blade finds its target. Then there’s paintball. There’s nothing quite like shooting the hell out of people on a paintball site when you’re angry. All they’ll suffer are a few paintball ‘kisses’ and a good splattering of paint. Bring your party-political masks and really vent your anger on the party you would like to see defeated.

Take a Calmer or More Cerebral Escape Route

Find a gentler escape with an activity like hot air ballooning giving you the opportunity to float way above the insanity. Everything below will look calm and peaceful and you can delude yourself into believing it – for as long as the flight lasts anyway.

Then there are the escape rooms who offer real escape games. Bury yourself and your mind in the crazy conundrums, puzzling questions and the crafty clues to solve the mystery of a crime, breakout of jail or win the battle you find your team embroiled in. You just won’t be able to think of anything else apart from what is happening in that locked room. If there are zombies thrown into the mix, you had better concentrate very hard or you’ll run out of time and they will have free access to slaughter your team.

Take to the Sky or the Trees

Preparing to skydive, going up in the plane and then leaping out into the blue (or maybe grey) beyond will take all your brain power. No time to even think of the political storm that is brewing below. Even when you get home, you’ll be too busy relating all your heroics to even think of switching on the idiot box.


Way up in the canopy of the trees there is a calm that cannot be experienced anywhere else – high rope adventures. The trees don’t give a damn about mankind’s loony behaviour. They will gently sigh in the breeze and give you a sense of being at one with nature. Using their sturdy boughs, you will climb as high as you dare and then traverse between these giants using bridges slung between the trees and then hurtle down to the ground of a zip wire.

Go Bush

I know someone who used to go out into the countryside and camp over election times. He took a few supplies but wanted to survive using his own wit. He then came back when it was all over and was the calmest amongst us all. If you want to run for hills, dales or just ‘out there’, check out our survival skills options and leave it all behind.


When you arrive at the polling station, the political pollsters will smile and hand you a leaflet or two. Stop and return the gesture by giving them the information that there are more important things to do with their time, like getting out and enjoying all the activities that are featured on Geronigo®. Even these political die-hards must want to escape from it all sometimes. You’ll be doing them a favour.


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