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How to organise a stag party.

You’ve been ask to organise your best mate’s stag party, so where do you start?

Ask the Groom What he Wants to Do

It seems obvious, but it is surprising how many people go head-long into creating a stag party without doing this. The groom has probably had a few thoughts about his ‘last night of freedom’, so get him to spill the beans on his ideal stag do. While you’re at it, he has probably got a budget in mind too, so get that one out of the way while you are at it. Then there’s the location. He may want to go local, has a particular city in mind or really wants to push the boat out and go abroad. Once you have this information to hand, you can get down to some serious organising.

Do You Need to Track Down Every Element of the Stag Party?

Simple answer is no you don’t. Download the Geronigo® App and set up your own dedicated stag party page. Put your preferred activities and location in the search bar and then all your options will come up for you, which includes restaurant, nightclubs, accommodation and activities. Yep, it’s as easy as that.

Make Sure the Groom Has the Final Say

Then, once you’ve decided on the options, sit down with the groom and check he is happy with your line-up. He’ll either give you the nod of approval, or will want to change a couple of things. Now you need to get everything booked and in place through your dedicated page, which once established gets you the services of a stag party organiser at Geronigo® free of charge. At anytime you can give them a call and get them to help you finalise the event.

The Invitations and Acceptance of the Crew

It wouldn’t be a stag party without the groom’s mates. At this point, the groom will know who he wants to invite, but he may need to discuss a few outliers that he feels he should invite, but is not sure for one reason or another. As his best man you need to help him think this through with a few pros and cons of inviting them or not. Once you have your definitive list of invitees, you simply load their details onto your dedicated page on Geronigo® and press send. Those that can make it will send an acceptance and then they will be prompted to pay their share. So, no chasing for who’s going or who isn’t, or the biggie, trying to extract payment.

Unsure What Activities to Choose?

Don’t forget you have always have someone at the end of phone atGeronigo® to help you decide, but in truth, you need to follow the wishes of the groom and if he wants to spend the weekend doing adrenalin-fuelled activities, then his mates will either have to like it or lump it. After all, this is his ‘last night of freedom’. To be honest, most grooms are pretty considerate when it comes to their stag party crew. If they know that Uncle John has just had a hip replacement, they’ll book other stuff he can do alongside the more active stuff.


The event is set-up, the crew have all accepted and paid, all that’s left now are the bits and pieces attached to being a top best man. Okay, the best man’s speech is a bit more important than that, but you know your mate, have some funny stories and you know how to make sure he is not totally embarrassed by your revelations about him in his single and free days. If you have chosen paintballing, you might want to get a stand-out tabard or sash so your groom is very visible during the stag hunt. You can get nice bright ones at hardware shops or safety clothing outlets. Or he might just go along with a silly outfit that he’s prepared to wear the whole time.

Top Activities for Stag Parties

You may want to be unique or different, but the fact is there are activities that feature on most stag weekends and that’s because they are good fun and stag groups love ’em.

Adrenalin Fuelled Stag Party Weekends

The activities you should be looking at for an adrenalin max are: – obstacle courses, high ropes, bungee jumping, off road buggies, white water rafting, hang gliding, parachute jumping, mountain biking, swimming with sharks, rally driving, paintballing …..too many to list, but you’ll find them all and more on the Geronigo® App.

Challenging Stag Weekend

Everyone likes a challenge and everyone likes to win. Activities for this type of weekend can be from the cerebral to winning a race. An Escape Room challenge is hugely popular and there are escape rooms all over the UK and Ireland so they’ll be at least three within the vicinity of your chosen town or city. If the challenge you want is more active, then go kart racing, quad bike racing or clay pigeon shooting might be the go. Incidentally, clay pigeon shooting has been voted the top stag party weekend activity, so you can’t go wrong including this activity. Coming fast on the heels of this popular activity are the new kids on the block such as bubble football and combat archery. You seriously need to check these out as they are ideal for a group of lads out for a stonking good time.

Last Word

Whatever you do, don’t risk the typical minefield that is having to stump up the cash on behalf of a spend-shy attendee or booking for 12 and someone says they can’t make it at the last minute and in your pocket your hand goes again. Make it simple, create a stag party event page on Geronigo® and if they don’t pay, they don’t play. Simple as.


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