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Christmas Gifts They Really Want

It’s that time of year again, but you don’t want to be the person that gives boring gifts. You want to to give a an unusual gift that will stand out and knock their socks off – or knock the socks of the gift list, anyway. Some people are easy to buy gifts for others, well, they’re on your ‘gifts for difficult people’ list. Or maybe you have a few on the ‘gifts for people who have everything’.

Dull, Damp & Locked Inside

Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere is invariably cold, damp and, let’s face it, a pretty dull and dismal time weather wise. So, what do we do? We huddle up indoors, eat, watch the telly and play games – board or computer games. That’s great in many ways. It brings families together and usually a fun time is had by all. But, and it is a big but, many of us get severe cabin fever. We just have to get outside and escape the long days and nights locked inside because of dreadful weather. You can see these forlorn souls in their Christmas sweaters and new boots striking out into the countryside to get a bit of fresh air and walk off the all the food they have eaten. But, you can take it a step further, you can really help your family and friends have some mega fun when they need it most.

Breakout and Have Some Fun

You’ll be very surprised just how many activities there are right on your doorstep or within easy striking distance. The quickest way to find them all is to go onto the Geronigo® website, put in your area and a full list will appear. It really is that easy. So what did you find? Clay pigeon shooting, go karting, axe throwing, archery, climbing walls? Or maybe your eyes locked into some thing a little more extreme like bungee jumping, 4 x 4 driving, rally driving, canyoning, bush survival? Then there are those of you that just want to let off a lot of steam. For you, we would recommend paintball orlaser quest. If the weather is awful, outdoors may not be an option, unless the activity is better with mud like quad biking, but if getting muddy and wet doesn’t appeal and you just must escape, then do just that. Head for your nearest escape rooms and tax you little grey cells with puzzles and conundrums. You will be indoors, but a very different indoor experience where you get locked in a room and can only escape if you solve the riddles to unlock the door. Call you mates, because they will want in on this.

Can’t Decide What They’ll Like?

That’s easy. Just buy them a voucher and then they can decide for themselves. It’s a very clever gift idea because it gives them the choice of just over 100 activities at 2108 venues in the UK and Ireland. So, there will be an activity that they like nearby. No one, but Geronigo®, can offer more choice together with the best prices and the simplicity of redeeming their voucher. Suitable for any age group and a guarantee of a really big surprise when they open the box.

I Like To Buy My Gifts Early

As all Geronigo vouchers sold from October 1st each year are automatically dated to start from the 25th of December, you get a full 12 months validity from Christmas day. How’s that for a special deal? So now you can sort all your pressies right now and forget about the stress of Christmas shopping.


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