Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island

  • Min Age 10

  • Prices From $60.00

Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island

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  • Min Age 10

  • Prices From $60.00


Have you ever wondered what it's like to scuba dive? An introductory dive is a great way to find out! You will start with a little bit of theory that will take you through the equipment you will be using and some important information you need to have a fun and safe dive. You'll spend some time, with your instructor, in our purpose built dive pool where you'll learn a few basic dive skills and then you're off for a dive at one of our beautiful dive sites!

In our purpose built dive pool your instructor will teach you a few basic dive skills. Your instructor will guide you through them step by step and you'll find them useful during your dive. Your instructor will give you plenty of time to get used to being in the water. The skills you learn in the pool are:

  • How to use you BCD

  • Breathing underwater

  • Clearing water from your mask

  • Regulator clearing.

And you will get the chance to go for swim in the pool. Once your comfortable it's time to go for a dive at one of our dive sites around Magnetic island. Your instructor will guide you through the dive and show you why so many people take up this amazing activity. You'll be surprised just how easy it is to dive. After your introductory dive you will be ready to do your Open Water Course so you can start exploring the underwater world on your own!


SSI's Nitrox course will go through the theory behind diving with enriched air, how to test your tanks and your oxygen levels and includes 2 ocean dives off the island diving with Nitrox tanks.

The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox program will teach you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen. Diving with enriched air can increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals when compared to air. You will earn the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox 32% or 40% certification after completing this program.


Day 1

Starts in the classroom where you'll learn about dive theory.  Theory can be done online prior to the course by visiting and registering yourself with Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island. If the online theory is completed prior to the course the first day is a meet and greet and we go through any problems you may have had with the theory.

Alternatively you can do the theory at the shop. Your instructor will explain dive physics, physiology, and how you are affected underwater. Your Instructor will also take you through each section step-by-step, so that you have a complete understanding of dive theory. 

Day 2

Starts in the pool, getting you familiar with all the scuba equipment and helping you understand the basics of diving with some dive skills and practice. Before long you will be swimming like a fish and ready for the ocean. After lunch your Instructor will take you to one of our Island dive sites, for your first open-water dive. On this dive you will get a chance to get comfortable being in the ocean. After you have completed dive 1 you'll head back into ocean, for your second training dive where you will repeat many of the skills that you mastered in the pool.

Day 3

You're back into the ocean for your final 2 training dives. As you have already completed most of your skills on dive 2 you only have a few more skills on each dive. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sites. All that's left to do is to complete the theory and you’re CERTIFIED and ready to dive!


Your rescue diver course prepares you for a range of diving emergencies. It will show you how to handle problems that may happen to you or someone you are diving with. Your Instructor will also teach you ways to prevent problems before they occur. The Rescue Diver Course is fun & rewarding whilst having a serious side to it. The confidence that you gain will make all your diving activities more enjoyable as you'll be able to prevent and deal with most emergencies in the unlikely event one should occur.

Your Rescue course starts in the classroom, where you gain an understanding of the processes involved in a successful rescue. During the course you will learn how to:

Prevent & recognize potential accidents
Evaluate emergency situations
React and organize emergency help
Conduct a complete rescue,including search patterns.
Deal with an unconscious diver both at the surface & underwater.

On completion of your rescue course you'll have the confidence to deal with a wide range of diving emergencies.

In order to take part in the course you must have completed the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Equivalent and 20 logged dives You also need to be certified in a First Aid course within the last 12 months.

Includes AQF rescue certification upon successful completion.


3 Days

Course Begins every Wednesday.

Learn to dive with the high standards of a PADI Dive center, complete with a purpose built pool and the oppurtunity to visit The Moltke Wreck on your last day!

Includes: All Gear Hire, Course Manual and other required materials, reef tax, 2 Days Pool and Theory, 4 Island Dives over the duration of your course, Certification and Photo.

Total Dives: 4 Dives


Pleasure Divers is the only PADI dive center on Magnetic Island, and we have been teaching people to dive for well over a decade. Our goal is to offer the best possible training and service at the best price. All of our courses are run to PADI standards, as well as the high standards we set for ourselves. By limiting our course size to a maximum of 6 students, we give you all the attention and services required to make your diving experience a real pleasure.

The Open Water course is a beginners diving course with 3 full days of skills, theory and 4 great island dives. The course is structured so that you are introduced to diving before entering the ocean. The pool will be your first experience, so that you, the diver, can feel confident breathing and moving underwater. You will learn basic diving techniques, equipment preparation, safety procedures, underwater skills and the pure enjoyment of experiencing diving. An experienced instructor and dive master will assist you and the other divers throughout the course, in a small class environment.

Your Ocean dives will take place from tropical Magnetic Island and we try to take you to at least 2 different dive sites. From the fringing coral reef of beautiful Alma Bay to the German shipwreck practically on our doorstep, Pleasure Divers dive more local dive sites than anyone else! We place an emphasis on making "divers" out of our students. We want you to really learn to dive - not just get certified!


SSI Assistant is the last step before becoming a Scuba Instructor. This course will prepare you to start teaching people how to dive.
We go through classroom presentations, fine tune and perfect your skills and allow you to develop your teaching style.

SSI Assistant Instructor is the last step before becoming a Scuba Instructor. This course will prepare you to start teaching people how to dive.
We go through classroom presentations, fine tune and perfect your skills and allow you to develop your teaching style.

The course can be done intensively over 4 days or spread out over 4 weeks. We focus on getting you ready for your Instructor Training Course (ITC). 

All of our AI's are ready to become instructors on completion of this course. Our Instructor Trainer's focus on professionalism and safety when going through this course.


Divemaster (any agency)

75 dives upon completion

Dive Medical

First aid, CPR and O2 certificates

Internships and professional course packages are available upon request. 


Do you want to take the first step into the world of professional diving?

The SSI Divemaster course is a great place to begin. At Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island we offer you the opportunity to be part of our team to get as much experience within the dive industry as possible. During 6 weeks we will guide you through the science of diving specialty, workshops, sales training, gear maintenance, the dive guide course and much more.

Our SSI Divemaster course will integrate you as part of our team for 6-8 weeks, depending on how many dives you need to log and how many days you can be here a week. By spending your days working alongside the dive team you will not only earn the dives you need but learn the true fundamentals of what makes the dive industry tick. You will be helping out with guiding certified divers, Open Water students, continuing education, sales and general maintenance to get a broad foundation for future work. On completion of your course you will be able to guide dives,assist with dive courses and conduct various SSI programs independently . During your SSI Divemaster program, you learn dive leadership skills through both classroom (science of diving program) and independent study. You complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organize and solve problems. You put this knowledge into action through a series of practical training exercises and workshops. Knowledge development covers topics ranging from dive theory, assisting student divers in training to physics.

At Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island we believe the more you are in the water the more you learn so we encourage you to do as many dives as possible during the course.

To Start the Divemaster course we require you to have:

  • Advanced Adventurer Certification

  • Stress & Rescue Diver Certification

  • Completed First Aid training within 24 months

  • Medically cleared by a physician within 12 months

  • 18 years old

  • 40 logged dives (we can do an intensive pre-week course to get your dives up to this number)

We also recommend that you have experience diving with nitrox, night, deep and boat diving. This can be done through us with our dive guide course.

The course includes all gear hire (own mask snorkel and fins are recommended), learning materials and post course support.

Not included insurance (post course).

If this course is for you please contact us and we will help you on your way to becoming a dive professional. Divemaster intakes are limited so please contact us early to avoid disappointment.

We also offer Divemaster packages that include your Advanced and Rescue Certifications.


This package can be tailored to suit your schedule. Specialties can be chosen from the following list:

·         Nitrox

·         Night Diver

·         Wreck Diver

·         Deep Diver

·         Photography

·         Marine Ecology

·         Science of Diving

·         Underwater Navigation

·         Search and Recovery

The master diver program also includes a trip to the SS Yongala and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef (additional trips to the GBR or the Yongala can be organised for $275ea).

The master diver program gives you unlimited shore dives and use of our facilities for the duration of the course.

General Details

  • Min age is 10
  • Packages start from $60.00


  • Full Training
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Refreshments Available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island?

    The average package price of Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island $472.12. The lowest price is $60.00 with the most expensive option being $2,000.00.

  • What is the minimum age for Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island?

    The minimum age for Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island is 10 years old.

  • How long does an Scuba Diving session at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island last?

    The average Scuba Diving session at our Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island centre is 93 hours.

  • Is Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island open for bookings during the week?

    Absolutely, however Scuba Diving is busiest at the weekend - and our Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island centre is no exception. This means you might need a larger group monday through friday.

  • Is Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island open for bookings at weekends?

    Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island is busiest at the weekends so we'd definitely recommend booking in advance! Obviously, we'll always try to accommodate last minute Scuba Diving bookings but once the spots are booked up they are booked up!

  • How popular is the Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island center?

    Geronigo® aims for all of our Scuba Diving locations to be amongst the the best and most popular, our Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island center is no exception. Book with confidence!

  • Can I buy a gift voucher for Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island?

    Yes you can buy Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island gift vouchers either online or over the phone. Geronigo® gift vouchers are valid for 12 months, can be gift wrapped or for a last minute gift idea can be instant email delivered. Remember that any gift experience voucher from Geronigo® including our Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island vouchers can be used for booking at any of our thousands of Geronigo® adventure locations (for no extra charge!).

  • Where is Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island?

    The Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island center is located at the following address. Please note that sometimes our Scuba Diving centers are difficult to find, please follow the directions on your booking receipt!

  • How much is Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island?

    The average package price of Scuba Diving at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island $472.12. The lowest price is $60.00 with the most expensive option being $2,000.00.

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Scuba Diving Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island Refresher Course


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A Scuba Skills Update (refresher course) provides you with the opportunity to review and practice necessary scuba skills that you learned in your original Open Water Diver program under the guidance of an SSI Dive Professional. The Scuba Skills Update is often a required for continuing your diving training after a long period of time away from the sport. You will be issued an SSI Scuba Skills Update recognition card.

This is a great course for anyone looking to dive the Yongala or to get back into the wonderful world of diving.

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REMEMBER : Adventure Cards are not just awesome for Scuba Diving, they can be redeemed against any of our adventures at nearly 2000 locations across the UK & Ireland! Literally giving the lucky recipient access to over ten thousand action packed experience days nationwide.

  • Overview

    With their help, you’ll be able to learn all the basics of scuba diving and you’ll be more than ready to take part in an underwater adventure of your own.

  • Participants Guidelines

    The vast majority of our scuba diving locations are suitable for ages 10 and up.

  • General Availability

    Most sites have limited availability, on one day a week. Check with your nearest location for more information.

  • What To Wear

    Your best swim gear!

  • Weather

    Our sites are all indoors, so don't worry about the weather- although we do guarantee it will get quite wet.

  • Duration

    You will spend roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes with us.

  • Min Group Size

    You need between 2 and 8 people per group.

  • Spectators

    Varies depending on the location. There should be a cafeteria with a seating area at all sites.

  • Other Info

    Car parking, toilets, showers and changing rooms can be found at each site. You will need to know how to swim to take part.

General Details


  • Full Training
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Refreshments Available

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